the games

For many years, The Break has been a test bed for the development of some of the best video games on the market. people come from far and wide to play our selection of imports, driving games, shooters and most especially our rhythm games.

Our current lineup of games:

Rhythm Games

Beatmania IIDX, Jubeat, DJ Max Technika 3, ITG2, Rerave, Rerave+, Groove Coaster, Music Gun Gun, Pop'n Music, DDR, Drummania, PIU Prime 2,

Driving Games

Initial D 8 ( 2 cabinets linked), Initial D 7 ( 2 cabinets linked), Nascar ( 2 cabinets linked), Super Gt ( 2 cabinets linked), Off Road Thunder

Shooting Games

Friction, Paradise Lost, Aliens Exterminator,  Fear Fright Land,


Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street fighter 4 AE ( two challenge cabinets) , tatsunoko vs capcom 2, Tekken 5,


Ms. Pac / Galaga ( big screen), Ms Pac, Metal Slug, Multi Cabinets, Bubble Bobble,