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Our Story

Eight On the Break was founded by Edward Montross in 1973. Ed was WAY far ahead of his time. Many years later a new generation (me) would take his concept and run with it! The Family Fun Center was born!
The Break is the longest continually operated arcade in the United States. Since 1973 we have continually given our customers the latest in games and the best value in billiards and food.
Our Customers. The Break has many loyal customers that come from all over the East. On any given day you can find people at 8otb from all over the Eastern Seaboard... The Break is known for having many new games on test and is one of the Hallmark Dancing and Fighting game arcades in the country.
Please come and enjoy "The Break" I think you will find this unusual different family fun center has everything you could ever want.
Chris Cotty
American Family Fun Centers Inc