JPA Pinball League -- 28th Season

League Winners for the Fall 2012 Season

A Division Winners (click here for detailed results of the matches)
Jerry Bernard -- 1st Place, 26 Points -- Well done Jerry! Jerry Bernard
Steve Bowden -- 2nd Place, 20 Points Steve Bowden
Kevin Smigel -- 3rd Place, 18 Points Kevin Smigel
Paul Drabik -- 4th Place, 16 Points Paul Drabik

B Division Winners (click here for vdetailed reesults of the matches)
Jeff Harrison -- 1st Place, 21 Points -- Nice job Jeff! Jeff Harrison
David Pucciarelli -- 2nd Place, 20 Points David Puciarelli
Joe Oesterling, 3rd Place Joe Oesterling
Jay Steinberg, 4th Place Jay Steinberg

C Division Winners (click here for detailed results of the match)
Scott D'Agostino -- 1st Place, 27 Points -- Well done Scott! Scott D'Agostino
Matt Hickerson -- 2nd Place, 19 Points Matt Hickerson
Josh Senzer -- 3rd Place, 16 Points Josh Senzer
Jeff Lupowitz -- 4th Place, 8 Points Jeff Lupowitz