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The Playoff Round for the Spring 2016 League

A.        Qualifying

After the regular season is complete, each player will have a total number of league points (TLP) accumulated for the ten weeks.  This will be the total of Raw Points plus Winner Bonus Points plus Sweep Bonus Points plus Other Bonus Points plus the Group Bonus Points earned during Weeks 2-6. The top 4 players in the A and B Divisions, based on TLP at the end of Week 10, will advance to the Finals (which will be held the Wednesday after Week 10 of regular League Play) and the top 6 in the C Division will play in the C Division Semifinal.

B.         Lateness/Absence

Play will begin at 7:40 PM.  Players who qualify for the Finals will be given a 5-minute grace period.  After the grace period, if a player in any Division is not in attendance and didn’t let the Commissioner in advance that he/she wouldn’t be there (a No-Show) or would be late, that player automatically comes in last in the playoff round and gets the corresponding prize for last place in the Final.


If a player notifies the Commissioner in advance that he or she will be unable to attend Finals night, every attempt will be made to reschedule the playoff round, if possible.  If it is not possible, based on my or other players’ schedules, etc., then the playoffs will go ahead without the missing player and the appropriate penalty will apply for that player as explained above.

C.         Format

1)      For the A and B Divisions, the top 4 at the end of Week 10 play in the Finals. For the C Division, the top 6 at the end of Week 10 will play in the Semifinal and the top 4 from the Semifinal goes on to the C Division Final. For the first game to be played by the A Division, the player who will be going first will pick one of three games to begin their play. In the B Division, the player who is to go first will choose one of the remaining two games of the three to start their play and the C Division (in the Semifinal) will begin their play on the remaining game of the three. For the C Final, the player who is to go first has choice of game to start on. For the all Divisions the order of play in the first game the reverse order of your place at the end of Week 10. In all Divisions, the loser of the previous game picks the next game to play.


2)      Of the 10 games currently at the Break, only 9 will be used in the playoffs. If one of the 9 breaks down and can't be used for the rest of the night, the remaining game that was to go unused will be the replacement game. If one of the 9 games that are left goes out of order, then one of those games will have to be played twice to keep the number of games played at 9. If for any Division 9 games can’t completed before the Break closes for the night, then the number of games played will be fewer than 9 (to be determined by the Commissioner) in order to finish that particular Division’s Final in one night.


3)      The games will be played as if they were non-playoff games. On any EB(s), you may try for a non-flipper skill shot and you may lane change before plunging the ball to get a lane skill shot, but that is it. The games are scored as if they were non-playoff games, except that Match Bonus Points and Sweep Bonus Points are not given out.


4)      Winning and Tiebreakers


In all Divisions, all the Finalists will receive a cash prize. The first place A and B Division winners will receive a trophy engraved with a picture of their face on the trophy. All of the other Finalists, will receive a trophy as well.


In all Divisions, if two or more players are tied at the end of their match, the tied players will play one tiebreaker game chosen at random by the Commissioner. The order of finish in the tiebreaker game determines the order of finish for those players.