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Pinball Overview/Summary of the JPA League Rules

Location of League: Eight On The Break in Dunellen, NJ

Duration and day of League: The League runs for 10 weeks (regular League Play) on Wednesdays plus an additional one or two weeks of playoffs (dependent on the number of players in the League after Week 6 is completed) right after that.

Dues and Prizes: League Dues are $8.00 each week. There is also an IFPA endorsement fee of $1 per player per season. 40% of each player's dues goes toward weekly cash prizes and the rest goes toward a High Score Prize Fund and End-of-Season cash prizes and trophies for the winners of the League. The top 4 to 6 group winners (dependent on the number of groups in the League) share the entire weekly prize pool each week. Each player has to pay $41 on (or before) Week 1 ($40 for the dues for the first 5 weeks of the season plus the $1 endorsement fee) and the other $40 has to be paid by Week 6 of the League.

Game Play: League players play in groups of 3 or 4 players on 4 or 5 games (dependent on the number of players in the League) each week. Games are chosen randomly for each group beforehand. Each game played must be played in tournament mode whenever possible. If a player gets an extra ball, the ball must be plunged except that that player may try for a non-flipper skill shot from the plunge. For a lane skill shot, the player must lane change (if he/she wants to do so) before plunging the ball. The order of play for the next game is the reverse order of the scores from the previous game (loser goes first and winner goes last).

League Scoring: League scoring is as follows. For each game played, each player receives League points according to how that player's score ranks amongst the other players in his/her group. For a 3-player group, the winner of the game gets 3 points, the second place player gets 2 points and the last place player gets 0 points. There are called Raw Points. There is also a Bonus Point awarded to the winner of the game in question if the winner's score is more than the other two players' scores combined otherwise the Bonus Point goes to the loser of the game. If the winner of the game gets the Bonus Point, it is called a Winner Bonus Point and if the loser gets it, it's called a Loser Bonus Point.

For a 4-player group, the winner gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 1 point and the loser gets 0 points. Just like in a 3-player group, these are Raw Points. In a 4-player group, there are two Bonus points given out. One goes to 1st place or 3rd place, depending whether or not 1st place has a score greater than 2nd and 3rd place combined. Like in a 3-player group, if 1st place gets this Bonus Point, it is a Winner Bonus Point otherwise it is a Loser Bonus Point for 3rd place player. The other Bonus Point is given to the 2nd place or 4th place player, depending whether or not 2nd place has a score greater than 3rd and 4th place combined. If 2nd place gets this Bonus Point, it is a Winner Bonus Point otherwise it is a Loser Bonus Point for 4th place player.

If a player wins all the games in his or her group, that player will get 4 additional points if 4 games are played or 5 additional points if 5 games are played, called Sweep Bonus Points. If 4 games are used in a given week, then the player must get the Winner Bonus Point as well in all 4 games to get the extra 4 Sweep Bonus Points.

Ranking and League Split into A/B/C and/or D Divisions: After Week 6 of regular League Play has been completed, the League will be divided into A, B, C, and or D Divisions, depending on how many players are in the League at the conclusion of Week 6. Players are placed in their Divisions based on their overall Ranking over the first 6 weeks of League Play. A player's Ranking is determined by the total number of Ranking Points they've accumulated to date and the groups he/she played in to date. These Ranking Points are composed of Raw Points, any Winner Bonus Points, any Sweep Bonus Points, and any Group Bonus Points earned (Group Bonus Points are extra points based on the group a player is in and the weekly average of the Raw Points that player has to date; these points are earned in Weeks 2 through 6 only). Players in the top third (for A, B, C Divisions) or fourth (if there is a D Division as well) of the Rankings will go to the A Division; players in the next third (or fourth) of the Rankings will go to the B Division; the next third (or fourth) of the players will go to the C Division. If there is a D Division, the bottom fourth ranked players will go into the D Division. After the Division split, players play within their own Division for the rest of the season. Starting in Week 7, players will be ranked by the total number of League Points they have to date.

Playoff Round(s): The top players at the end of Week 10 in each Division will play in one (Finals) or two playoff round(s) (Semifinals and Finals) (depending on how many players make the playoffs) to determine the League Winners for each Division. These Playoff Round(s) will take place the week after regular League Play has concluded. The winning players will receive cash and a trophy. Players in the A Division Finals and the first place winner of the B Division Finals may receive extra prizes as well.

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