The break

A legend in it's own time!


At The Break you will find great food and even better games at a price you cant believe. We have been here in Dunellen, New Jersey since 1973 and known all over the world for our tournaments, food and games. There is always something going on at The Break. Every Monday we have specials, Tuesday is Tournament night, Wednesday night we host the New Jersey Pinball league and every other Friday we have tournaments as well.

the games

The Break has long been a test bed for the amusement industry. Many games such as In The Groove 1 & 2, DJ Max Technika 1 &2, Rerave, Rerave +, PIu Pro and Friction were created in cooperation with The Break Arcade. The games located at the arcade are prototypes, or first run of these game. We also have a great selection of rhythm games , drivers and shooting games

the Food

We offer amazing fresh food at insane prices. We are famous for our "Break Steak Special", a quarter pound cheese steak, fries and a 16oz drink for $4.98.


Our tables are some of the best ever made! 1973 Brunswick gold crown 3 regulation 9 foot tables. Our rates are also the bets anywhere! For two players we only charge $7.35 per hour, total, not per person!


The Break has a great selection of pinballs! We are also the home of the New jersey Pinball league that has a Summer and Winter league that plays every Wednesday. The league has played her for over 35 years!


The Break has a long legacy of tournaments. Not only do we have tournaments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights, but , we have been host to some of the most famous and longest running tournaments in history!

through time

At The Break we consider ourselves the longest continually operated arcade in the country. Our roots go back to 1973, long before the video game was even invented!